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Mental health is a taboo topic. People don’t know how to talk about it in a helpful and effective way, so they just don’t talk about it. 

This has to change. We need to talk about this. Flutter Lyon is here to bring mental health to dinner table discussions.

Flutter Lyon is proud to announce Momentoria : Stories of the people we know.

Momentoria is an art kit for mental health. It includes an Art Kit and a 12 week online Story Course that teaches you how to record your own stories and the stories of the people you know, through art.  

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A story from flutter lyon's founder Robyn Wilson

A beautiful piece put together by Ben Strum from Heaps Gay with Flutter Lyon and Kaleido.

This video features the story of Flutter Lyon's founder Robyn Wilson, how she created Life Pressings and the journey of a Pressing Session Experience.

Robyn also takes Jennifer Noorbergen, of Kaleido Press, through a Pressing Session Experience.

Have your life story recorded by Master Pressographer, Robyn Wilson using the Pressography method she's developed over the last 10 years.  Across three Pressing Sessions Robyn will create a stunning, original Life Pressing artwork, Life Book and sound recording capturing your life stories of courage, freedom, joy, love, strength and resilience.
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Learn about Pressography and the artistic technique of Life Pressing. Create a series of artworks that represent your life stories in a spectacular workshop space to build greater mental resilience and creativity. We run regular community workshops or we can bring this incredible experience to your organisation. 
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Use creativity to build your courage and connect with the people you know. Follow the beautiful online video course to learn how to record your own stories and the stories of the people you know, through art.  record your own life stories and develop your mental health through art. It's about getting down with the things that matter to us most, sharing stories, feeling feelings and deepening our relationships in cool, fun and interactive ways.
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