The Life Pressing Creation Process

Developed over 10 years this new art form combines ink illustrated and a pressing technique - Life Pressings - plus a powerful yet simple story capturing methodology - Pressography - to create spaces within spaces for human beings to sit in mindfulness whilst feeling and releasing deep emotions and stories.

Those stories are then transformed into symbols on the page becoming remembered moments of our existence. Moments of courage, freedom, joy, love, strength, risk and hope. The moments that have mattered to us most. The moments that have made us who we are today.

From this place of expression and creation we develop our learning around human connection and community, mental health and resilience, emotional articulation and self-awareness.

This unique combination of open sharing and visual capturing does something to people.

It let's them know they are safe to be seen and heard as they are.

It lets them know they are part of humanity.

It lets them know that they matter.

The art making instrument, the syringe filled with a special mix of black ink.

The moment of the pressing of the French cotton paper.

The magical reveal of the first pressing of the Life Pressing, a symmetrical, reflected form created through a beautiful combination of control and surrender.

The stories continue to unfold in the space as the guest shares more of their life experiences.

Each ink mark made represents a story, an emotion, an experience.

The artwork continues to grow in complexity and detail...

Until something magical, tangible and shareable, like the artwork below, is created.

A complete, full colour Life Pressing.