Life Pressings are a physical, visual map of a powerful moment shared.

Created using ink illustrated through syringes on cotton paper.
The paper is folded at the centre of the artwork and one line at a time is drawn onto the right hand side of the fold.
The paper is folded together and ‘pressed’, creating a symmetrical image.
Over time, as each line is applied and pressed, an intricate, technicolour image emerges from the page.

Each line, form and colour of a Life Pressing represent an emotion, story and memory. Often these emotions, stories and memories are shared during Pressing Sessions.

They evoke feelings of reflection, beauty, physicality, flight, tension and release. They offer a moment to stand still.

Referencing the well known ink blot tests pioneered by psychologist Hermann Rorschach, the Life Pressing artworks are a sophisticated contemporary exploration, deeply embedded with personal storytelling. These works are created as visual experiences that stimulate multiple brain functions simultaneously.

Art made about a human life

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