“The Rorschach-like Pressings are perceived differently by every observer and reveal as much about the viewer’s thought processes as they do about the artist’s intentions.”

– Australian Financial Review


“Lyon creates delicate inkblot-like works that seem abstract upon first impression but reveal familiar visual elements.”

– Sydney Morning Herald


“Her work is sensitive and beautiful, and if you’re not much that into sensitivity, I’ll bet you’ll at least think it’s fucking cool.”

– Primo Magazine


“Flutter Lyon is an artist, a traveller, an entrepreneur, a passionate lady, a musician and I’m not sure what else. She’s like a matreshka doll – open her up and another amazing woman is inside.”

– Throw Shapes


Ink-Pressing Workshop: “It was an honest and creative experience, collaborating our feelings, emotions, loves and music into our own pieces of art  – it was just so inspiring, I couldn’t stop smiling.”

– Ashley Gardner, Journalist

Pressing Session Dinner: “The evening was fun, uplifting and communal. Flutter is really great at bringing awesome people together. My week had been just the same as any old week but after the Pressing Session Dinner I felt revitalised and part of something very special.”

– Kellie Nichol-Smith, Producer

Ink-Pressing Collector: “I love that you create things that don’t exist. It’s not a painting of an object or a subconscious mash of memories. It’s unplanned mirrored magic.”

– Ray Cook, Bow Tie & Accessories Designer

Ink-Pressing Workshop: “I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful and amazing class this weekend. I felt uplifted and inspired afterwards. Amazing that we get what we need when we just open ourselves up.”

– Gerrard Southam, Illustrator

Pressing Session Dinner: “Flutter, you are an amazing human being and I really hope the world gets to experience more of you.”

– John Tawadros, Rail Engineer

Pressing Session Dinner: “It was so unexpected and valuable to have such a rich conversation about self-sufficiency with strangers. To become friends and be inspired by other people’s courage through Flutter. To be human and hear stories and to share.”

– Marissa Scopaletti, Vintage Store Owner

“You are some kind of legend!”

– Australia


“I just picked up my necklace package from reception. That warm loved feeling swarms up the back of my head and neck every time I look through it all. Thank you so much, Flutter. xxx”

– Anne Cayley


“Interest, Connection, Friendship.

When I stopped in to your studio in Redfern, my intention was to just have a look. My expectation was to maybe have a quick cursory little chat about your Ink-Pressings.

What actually happened was a very personal in depth conversation. A meaningful connection between two human beings. You were interested in ‘my story’ not just telling me yours!

This was personally significant for me at that particular time.

My purchasing a little Ink-Pressing was so much more than the mere ‘transactions’ that are too often and too typical in our world today.

Your art drew me in but it was you the person that I remember.”

– Kelly Springnatic


“Looking at a Flutter Lyon Ink-Pressing is like meditating with your eyes open. Truly transcendent.”

– Clemence Gast


“Why did I purchase a Flutter Lyon Ink-Pressing?

Well that’s an easy question to answer. Your work speaks to my Artist Self, as I stood in your studio taking in the colour and spectacle of the work I felt a sense of kinship and connectedness to you, like a coming home to myself.

I saw me in you.”

– Juliana Potts


“I really admire how you are able to balance such planning and implementation with such amazing artistic/creative expression.

You really are a one in a million soul.”

– Dave Burke


“Flutter Lyon is inspiring because she is amazingly creative, really brainy, she takes leaps of faith, she is for real and says it like it is without showing fear. She is a living example of ‘the only way through is through’.”

– Pagan Kael

More Love

“She (Flutter Lyon)’s so genuinely into what she’s doing that she finds having heaps on at work pretty unmitigatedly exciting; her work and life are closely intermingled and there’s a calm head alongside all the feel smart when you talk to Robyn, like she’s doing something really cool and you understand it really well so you might just be really cool as well.”

– Concrete Playground


“Really hardcore things wrapped up in a pretty package..I truly believe Flutter Lyon will have a hand in changing Sydney’s art scene for the better and I can’t wait to watch her flourish.”

– mecho | the style black book


“A bit of a one-woman empire with her open studio and its wares for sale, gigs as a curator and in audio-visual performance collaborations..her stripped back paper and ink process that result in symmetrical abstract icons that are somewhere between Rorschach and Aubrey Beardsley”

– Two Thousand


“If a creative existence can only be pursued by the truly passionate, Flutter Lyon was cut for such a lifestyle. The inherent give and take of security and true love is something Flutter was perhaps predestined to exchange, as once you meet her, you cannot imagine her living any other way.”

– Side Street Sydney


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