Momentoria art Kit & Online story course

Record your life stories and develop your mental health through art

Join this program to learn how to use art to share stories and have conversations about the things that matter in your life. Find new ways to record stories from your life and celebrate your achievements. Discover the power of art for our health and the ways it can bring together friends, families and communities to help us strengthen and support each other to have greater mental health.

This project has been awarded a MATCH grant by Creative Partnerships Australia and will provide people with everything they need to change the way they have conversations with their friends and family about mental health.

What's the program about?

It's about getting down with the things that matter to us most, sharing stories, feeling feelings and deepening our relationships in cool, fun and interactive ways.
It's about the experiences of courage, freedom, joy, love, strength and resilience we all have in life.
It's about celebrating our triumphs, understanding our challenges and coming to know more about what it means to be a human being in our contemporary world.
You'll learn the artistic technique of Life Pressing, how to have richer conversations, how to share a story, how to really listen and how to develop pretty amazing skills in empathy, communication and creativity.

Who is this program for?

You don't have to be a fine artist to make simple black and white Life Pressings. You just need two hands, a heart and a story. 

What makes this program unique?

This Program combines an online learning program with a Kit filled with all things Flutter Lyon: ink, syringe, confetti. You will have access to a 12 week program that will teach you new ways to share stories and talk about feelings and emotions.

How the online program works

Follow the beautiful online video course to learn how to:

  • Record your own life stories as art
  • Sit with others and record their stories
  • Share stories of courage, freedom and joy
  • How to have conversations using storytelling cards to explore conversations from a new angle
  • How to listen without 
  • How to develop pretty amazing skills in empathy, communication and creativity

What's in the kit

The kit contains:
- Syringe
- Black ink
- Cotton paper & litho paper
- Storytelling card set
- Confetti
- Blessing cloth - to protect your table feat. Pressing Blessing print
- Art + Storytelling book
- Course card feat. the details to login to the online learning space

This project has been awarded a MATCH grant by Creative Partnerships Australia. The project will be launched on Kickstarter on Wednesday 16th August.

What inspired this project?

Since 2006 we have worked with people in paddocks, palliative care wards, galleries and gardens and our work has uncovered one key message:

People want to talk about mental health.

Talking about mental health is more than saying “I’m depressed” or “I’m anxious”; it’s a complex discussion. It changes from one moment in time to another. It can be scary and it can be fascinating all in one. One in five Australians experience a mental health condition in a given year and almost one in two will experience a mental health condition at some point in their lifetime[1]. People are feeling it, so let’s start talking about it.

[1] Australian Bureau of Statistics. (2008). National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing:
Summary of Results, 2007 (4326.0). Canberra: Australian Bureau of Statistics.