Vision | Mission | Values


Life is a story to be lived and every story matters

We are committed to a vision to:

  • To champion human connection, storytelling and art as integral components of a life well lived
  • To facilitate conversations around mental health and wellbeing
  • To promote experiences of beauty, creativity and freedom for every human being


  • To utilise the story-capturing methodology of Pressography and Life Pressing art form to create artistic experiences, programs and services that cater to the mental health needs of people of all ages, genders, classes and races
  • To act as responsible and progressive custodians of the method and art form by supporting the ongoing innovation, impact, quality and reach of the work by certified Pressographers, internationally



We create work that is human-centred, compelling, deep and inclusive


What we create feels beautiful and meaningful to make and beautiful and meaningful for our guests to experience


We work as a strong community of creatives, entrepreneurs and innovators both inside our organisation and with the broader social community engaged in our work


We listen to each other, we engage considered reasoning, we are thorough and organised, we take responsibility


We create with courage and tenacity, we break new ground and we respond to the shifting tides of social and cultural change


We think big, we create with detail, we allow our personal potentials and the potential of our work be fully expressed and explored, encouraging purposeful freedom and contribution


We celebrate our individual existence and achievements, the existence and achievements of our organisation and the existence and achievements of our broader social community


We promote optimism and positivity in all that we do - whilst engaging the reality and wisdoms of the present; the possibilities of the future; and the knowledge of the past