The Great Unfolding Life Pressing Experience
for Individuals

Life Pressing Sessions for individuals are art based experiences that turn your life stories into a stunning visual biography, a LIFE Pressing artwork



Honouring Your Past // Imagining Your Future // Celebrating Your Present

Go on a 3 session journey with Master Pressographer Robyn Wilson as she helps you explore your life stories and creates a stunning Life Pressing artwork to represent the beauty and strength of your spirit.

What is the Life Pressing Session experience?

During this shared experience between yourself and Robyn, you are invited to tell personal stories of your life.

You will be asked questions about your life experiences of courage, freedom, joy, love, loss, risk, hope, strength. You will be guided and inspired by this unique storytelling method.

As you respond with your stories, Robyn creates an intricate, colour-filled Life Pressing artwork that becomes a visual biography of your existence in the world. The lines, forms and colours added to the artwork have literal, symbolic meaning to remind you of all that you have shared.

The Life Pressing represents a talisman, an intimate keepsake to remind you of who you are in the world. Your strengths, your knowledge, your ability to change and grow through an array of experiences.

A tangible representation of your soul, the meaning of the experiences you’ve lived in your life so far and a guiding symbol of the vision you have for your future.

This is a powerful way to share things you may have never said aloud; to celebrate all that you've experienced in life; and to see just how beautiful your human experience is - in the form of a contemporary artwork.

It made me appreciate the strength, resilience and courage that I have even through some stories that I didn’t even know would come out. It was an emotional rollercoaster but in such a beautiful way and this artwork is the most stunning reflection of strength and everything that I’ve done so far.
— Jennifer Noorbergen

How The Great Unfolding experience works

This experience is delivered over three sessions - we recommend 1 session per month, across 3 months to allow for a lovely amount of time for reflection and integration between each session. If you'd like to experience all 3 sessions in a shorter time period that's okay too - many people who are visiting from overseas choose to have all 3 sessions while they are here - you can select your preferred session dates via the online calendar sent to you when you book.

Session 1 : Honouring Your Past (90 minutes) - in this session the black outline of the artwork is created
Session 2: Imagining Your Future (90 minutes) - in this session the colour layers begin
Session 3: Celebrating Your Present (120 minutes) - in this session more layers of colour and finer details are added

Following your final session Robyn will spend another 8 - 10 hours on the final layers and details of your artwork. Your final artwork will then be framed and delivered or sent to you unframed. It's up to you.

What you will walk away with

  • Life Pressing: A stunning 75 x 55 cm fine art piece - illustrated inks on cotton paper - representing your life stories
  • Life Book: A written collection of your life stories in a simple and beautiful book form
  • Life Map: A diagrammatical tracing of the symbols embedded in the artwork
  • Life Story Sound Recording: An audio recording of your Pressing Sessions

Where will this experience take place?

The Flutter Lyon studio in Sydney or in your home via Skype


Email joan(at) for availability

How much is this experience?

From $1,200


Option 1: One-off full payment: $1,200
Option 2: 3 month payment plan: $420 per month x 3 = $1,260
Option 3: 6 month payment plan: $210 per month x 6 = $1,260

Our payment plans cost a little bit more to cover merchant fees and administration costs. 

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The Great Unfolding Life Pressing Session : For Individuals

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Further information

If you have any questions please contact Joan Paculan on +61 414 329 438 or via joan(at) or complete our enquiry form