The history of this beautiful Arts & Heath practice


The methodology is called Pressography
The art form is called Life Pressing
The experience is called a Life Pressing Session
The practitioner is called a Pressographer

In 2006, this stunning new arts and health practice was – like a lot of great creativity – accidentally born.

Flutter Lyon's founder, Robyn Wilson, was given a dental syringe by her sister, thinking that she might have an artistic use for it. Turns out, she did.

Robyn had been wanting to make the shift from performance art into something more tangible. She found that although creating beautiful, ephemeral performance events was a powerful experience, once the dust had settled and the show was over, it was only memories that remained.

Life Pressings are a physical, visual map of a powerful moment shared.

Created using ink illustrated through syringes on cotton paper.
The paper is folded at the centre of the artwork and one line at a time is drawn onto the right hand side of the fold.
The paper is folded together and ‘pressed’, creating a symmetrical image.
Over time, as each line is applied and pressed, an intricate, technicolour image emerges from the page.

Each line, form and colour of a Life Pressing represent an emotion, story and memory. Often these emotions, stories and memories are shared during Pressing Sessions.

They evoke feelings of reflection, beauty, physicality, flight, tension and release. They offer a moment to stand still.

Referencing the well known ink blot tests pioneered by psychologist Hermann Rorschach, the Life Pressing artworks are a sophisticated contemporary exploration, deeply embedded with personal storytelling. These works are created as visual experiences that stimulate multiple brain functions simultaneously.

The Pressing Session experience is mirrored in all of Flutter Lyon's services.

Guests are invited into a space where the expression of their stories is safe, heard and respected.

The Pressographer engages their creativity to capture the stories in a form that symbolises not only the stories themselves, but the feelings and emotions that come with them.

A form of education takes place as the guest is shown, through the role-modelling of the practitioner, deep, non-judgemental listening, curiosity and reflection; and the personal process of the guest of articulating emotions and sensations within the context of story sharing. Through better connection to emotion, meaning and higher quality social interactions a person's self-awareness is raised and resilience is built.