Talk topics by
flutter lyon founder robyn wilson

Conversations & Storytelling
Deep listening and vulnerable storytelling. Sitting still. Looking into the eyes of the person you're speaking to. 

We can ask questions. We can wonder. We can want to know more.

When was the last time you asked someone to tell you a story about their life? To tell you about a moment in their life that they felt absolute freedom? Or a moment that required to exercise courage?

There is stunning value to be found in asking these questions. We must not be afraid to ask, to wonder about the layers of a person. 

I give a 30 minute talk on what I've experienced through founding and leading the #500LIVES project + a 15 minute Q & A with the audience

A Unique Profession
How I approached art as a service that could meet social needs - and along the way, created a new art form and a unique profession, turning my personal vulnerabilities into strengths.

I've come to learn that living with Bipolar Disorder II has given me unique access to emotions and empathy that perhaps nothing else could have - and perhaps without, I wouldn't be able to do what I do. I believe in creating work in the world that is seated in deep purpose and reality - that art should have a social good at its heart and that we can learn whatever we need along the way in order to get the job done.

t's been a tough road, not for the faint-hearted, but I'm here to let you know how possible and exciting it is if you really want it.

I give a 30 minute talk on what I've learnt from developing a new art form, establishing a successful creative business for 10 years and how I've danced between the worlds of commerce and creativity with as little compromise on my integrity and social intentions as possible + a 15 minute Q & A with the audience

The Intimate Stories of the Dying

What stories are people telling when they reach the end of their lives?
What has been left unsaid?
What are people most afraid of?
What brings them comfort during such a challenging time?
What helps them to die better?
What is important for them to share with the people they've known?
How do they want to be remembered?

I give a 30 minute talk on what I've experienced through founding and leading the Reflected Legacy Palliative Care Program at Liverpool Hospital + a 15 minute Q & A with the audience