Life Pressing Workshops

We create inspiring workshop experiences for organisations and communities

We help people develop storytelling skills, enhance mental agility and build creativity

It's about getting people together to share stories and have conversations that matter.
It's about using the power of art to connect human beings.
It's about doing something incredibly cool and inspiring. 
It's about cultivating the human spirit, breaking down barriers and building teams.

We use the groundbreaking story-capturing method of Pressography and the art of Life Pressing to get people talking about life experiences of courage, freedom, joy, creativity, resilience and strength.

By sharing stories whilst creating art is changes the way we communicate and understand each other.
It gives us a way of doing something fun that makes us feel human and inspired.
It gives us a way of knowing more about the life we're living and the things we make.
It helps us get clear on what matters most - in our lives, in our work, in our communities.

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Workshops for organisations

Flutter Lyon offers a 3 hour workshop that can be delivered for your organisation. It is perfect for bringing teams together to connect and share stories in a fun and creative environment.

Workshops for community

We are working on a calendar of events for the local community. If you would like to register your interest 


Some of our workshops

Your Brilliant Story Workshop

5 November 2016

Your Brilliant Life Workshop

3 December 2016

The Freedom of Our Stories Workshop

3 June 2017